potato soup and people named soup are the only goo

UG UG hgu gh im getting pissed off over really small things lately and that needs to stop,

soup please give my friend this url

im still so happy about having the miyabihanakouji url honestly i think about it every time i bother coming on here im so glad i got it

i covered my face bc thats not the point but i havent done my hair and it looks Really good today???? nice (also dont reblog lol)


i drank more and i already feel sick how did i do this

my mom brought me one of those energy drinks and its been so long since ive had one thank god and i just drank some and it tastes like shit how was this the only thing i drank for months


Sho’s files in P4U2 are named P5Hero………………

Oh yeah i mightve gotten a (small) job. nice

im breathing im still really fuckign dehydrated btu i think ill be ok if i dont lay down

 im so dehydrated rn and i took a bath which was a huuggggeee mistake im s o sick and more dehydrated than ever this is the end goodbe everyone